Monday, February 22, 2010

Is there anything more precious than photographing a child? What a fun day we had together, I was there the day she was born, and have been lucky enough to see her grow up these past 3 years, what a character lil Emily is! Anyone that knows her will tell you, she is so funny! I wanted to capture a more serious side of her, a more angelic side. It was funny because when she came over to my house she brought a bag of fishie crackers and her toy motorcycles! So you can see why i wanted to capture her like this : )
She was such a good little girl, she took my instructions so well, thank you little Emily for allowing me to capture so freely what I saw so clearly in my mind, now we have it here for all of us to see. I love you cutie pie

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Emily warming up!!
Getting ready to take the Field in Championship Competition
Some great friends she met along the way,
what a great experience, Band and Guard Kids are so unique, they are just the
"Cream of the Crop."
Emily and Jessica
I have loved watching Jessie grow, I'm so proud of her!
Jessie just is a beam of light all the time, I have come to love her very much.
Emily has been a great influence as Captain, she owes a lot of her incredible leadership to her great friends too. They are very supportive of Emily and look up to her so much.

Emily and Lupe have been in Guard for 4 years!
They went to Middle School together.
Lupe is an outstanding young woman, she is known on the team as the mediator,
always the Peace maker. She dances so beautifully too.

Emily doing her thing, warming up, it was freezing in Fresno, it makes it such fun though.

It was SO windy in Fresno!
It was hard for the Guard to warm up, the flags were blowing so hard. The girls had a really hard time controlling them, we weren't sure if they would be able to perform. The good thing though was that everyone had the same disadvantage. The bad thing was is that it compromised their show a bit. Once we got into the stadium it seemed to be a bit less windy. Boy, was it a challenge for them all!

Emily had an accident, her flag flew up and the wind caught it forcing it down so hard on her forehead. She got a bruise and bump right away, not much sends her into tears but this really hurt her. I got her some ice which helped, then she got right back into it.
The flags are weighted and can be a real weapon especially when carried by the wind.

She said " I got an instant headache Mom!"

All better now!

Bobby and a few of his crew!
Its amazing how he gets all those instruments out there on the field for a competition! Talk about stress, every minute counts, if they are late they will get marked down. I think he loves this job so much because he gets to drive the golf cart around!!

We take such good care of our kids!
They eat like Kings and Queens, and as well as they should too, they are all incredible kids. Their talents and efforts that they put into each competition is just remarkable.

After the kids perform, they head back to our place in the parking lot where they find all of their most favorite goodies! All the parents are such great people, each and everyone has a place in the Band and Guard, It's been a great 4 years!
We bring signs for our kids!

Our Theme for this trip
Dont stop Believin

Performing at Championships~
We made Finals!!!

I think one of my most favorite pictures of Emily Performing!

Hey!...... Watch out for that Tuba!

I love my Dottie, she is always smiling!

Emily is so good with her Rifle!
How ever does she toss that thing, move with the music, lead her guard and keep in perfect timing too? Its such fun to watch these kids!

Watching her perform is the greatest joy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We made this one too, Emily has so many favorite pictures from her high school times while in the Color Guard, it was hard to just pick a few

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Collage of Fun times

This is just a little Collage Emily and I put together to send to the BYU Band Director in hopes of Emily being able to join their Color Guard Team next fall. We know how hard it is getting into BYU, but if you dont try, you will never know right? Because Emily is Emily, she has plan "B" in place already. :O)
She just loves Color Guard so much, being with the Band and making music. Its been her goal and hope to perform in the Cougar stadium. We will see,....