Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We welcome with Love .......
Austin Lee Miller

My Beautiful Sister in Law,....... Anna.
Both my brother and sister in law are Doctors in the Navy. Its just been this past year that they have been close by to family. Its so good to have them here. My brother served in Iraq and had to be away from his family for 6 months. As soon as he got back, they received the good news that Anna would have a new addition to their family. Austin was born!
He is the 2nd son born to them, Zachary is 7 years old.
I was so fortunate to be able to photograph this beautiful time in their lives.

And now to embarrass my Brother!
I just love the look on his face, the smile of joy he has for his son.
Brandon honestly is just the best dad ever!!!
Im so proud of him for the way he treats his wife and is such a great dad to his sons.

Little Cutie Ba Tootie!

We welcome you to our family Austin <3>

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