Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Dottie !

I had a photo shoot today, and when I was done, I couldnt resist photographing my Dottie! Emily has been my assistant since she was 7 years old. She would come to the Temple with me when I photographed weddings, that was when I used film. She would organize everything for me, keeping all the roles together, and then being sure I had the film ready when I ran out. I cant believe that was 10 years ago, and she is still my right hand girl.I love her so much.Thanks Emily for always being there to help me!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Celebrating ...
Band Camp Officially Over!!!!

I love this picture of Emily! So candid but showing her loving her life as Color Guard Captain and celebrating her last day of Band Camp! This has been a great program for our girl and we are so thankful for the things she has learned while being a leader for the girls. She is quiet and soft spoken as a Captain but she says she is like that because "once you raise your voice, you have lost your audience."
(We are so proud of the choices she has made and continues to make)
gosh being a mom is the best!!
The 1st Offical Team Picture of the 2009-2010 Color Guard!
(We are missing one girl, sorry Lupe!) This years show is titled "Heartbreak" I hope all our near by friends and family will come to see their show if possible, its Emily's last year.

Girls celebrating their opener on Friday,......right before the SENIORS got to eat First!

The Pre-Show
Band BBQ

The Band and Color Guard got to perform their Opener for us parents last Friday evening, followed by a great BBQ put on by the Booster parents. Here is our new band director, 3rd one for Emily in 4 years. Needless to say its been an experience with all that has gone on with our Band Directors. Mr. Ames comes with a lot of experience, we welcomed him whole heartedly.

While at the 1st performance, Emily recognized one of her guard girls as most outstanding Gardo-O of Band Camp. She got up in front of all the parents and her peers and gave the sweetest emotional compliments to a new freshman girl named Celia. She gave her a Happy Faced Balloon and a candy bar (1,000 Grand) and said her smile and attitude is worth a thousand grand. Celia's dad started crying, it was so touching.

The pre show for the parents. Although they worked all summer long, not taking a break at all, here at band camp they begin to learn their show, and their work.

Yeah for Band Camp!

A New Begining!

Emily's new band director Mr. Ames. Celebrating the final day of Band Camp!

You can see how they need to "Clean" their work as Emily says. She is really good at timming, I think playing the piano has helped her with this, Its a challenge to get 15 girls to be at the same place at the same time, especially when spinning a rifle or sabre.This is the pre show only, still in the 1st stages of thier Field Show for 2009

Here are just a "Few" kids in Band and Guard eating after they showed their parents some of their new Field Show. I must say, we do spoil our kids in Band and Guard! The parents really do a great job in feeding our kids. They love the Dessert Table! (so does Bobby!)

Its finally her turn!
One of the Band and Guard's traditions is, the SENIORS get to eat first!!!!
and all the underclass has to wait! too funny how they get so excited to be the 1st ones in line!

Emily spent the entire summer with her Guard Team,
the last 2 weeks of summer was their "Official BAND CAMP!"
I gotta tell you, its rigorous!!!10 Long hours a day for 2 weeks!
The last day is spent in Team Building fun!
Here she is with her best friend Antone with the Balloon Toss.

BAND CAMP 2009 !
Traditional Dunking the Band Director

You can Run,...........But you can not hide!
The New Band Director kinda knew the traditional water thing was coming....Us Booster Parents warned him : )
Evan is wonderful with animals. Over the 4th of July weekend we went to my sisters house down in Carlsbad. She has her own Dog walking/pet care service. We went to one of her houses where she was taking care of this cute corgy! He just jumped into Evan's arms and gave him some love, it was so cute. He has always been very sensitive to animals which to me says a lot about a person. Ever since he was a little boy, he always worried about the animals, if they got enough to eat, or if they had shelter when it was cold or hot. I admire that so much in him.
He taught me a lot. Animals depend on us so much for their comfort and all their needs. When he was little, he wouldnt eat dinner until our dogs had food in their bowls. If they would cry at night when they slept in the laundry room, he would get up to comfort them.
Evan is so special, I call him my Lil Evan from Heaven.
He is the cream of the crop!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tiffany was Emily's Color Guard Captain when Emily started in her Freshman year. They quickly became best friends, like sisters. Being the only "Mormon" on the team seemed to always spark interest in the girls. Emily would share her Testimony as much and as often she needed and wanted too. A few of the girls were very receptive, Tiffany being one of them.
Emily and Tiffany had so many talks about the Gospel.
After Tiffany graduated she went to Boot Camp and joined the Air Force.
Little did we know that all those talks they were having was impacting Tiffany's life so much.
Tiffany was soon baptized and her Testimony continues to grow and blossom. When she was out here in July, the one thing she wanted most was to go to the San Diego Temple, so we did. It was such an incredible, loving feeling being there on the Temple Grounds with such beautiful young women. I am so proud of them, for their strong testimonies, and for their high standards. They both wanted to wear white to the temple, i was so touched. Xo xo Xo

The Beautiful San Diego Temple!