Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tiffany was Emily's Color Guard Captain when Emily started in her Freshman year. They quickly became best friends, like sisters. Being the only "Mormon" on the team seemed to always spark interest in the girls. Emily would share her Testimony as much and as often she needed and wanted too. A few of the girls were very receptive, Tiffany being one of them.
Emily and Tiffany had so many talks about the Gospel.
After Tiffany graduated she went to Boot Camp and joined the Air Force.
Little did we know that all those talks they were having was impacting Tiffany's life so much.
Tiffany was soon baptized and her Testimony continues to grow and blossom. When she was out here in July, the one thing she wanted most was to go to the San Diego Temple, so we did. It was such an incredible, loving feeling being there on the Temple Grounds with such beautiful young women. I am so proud of them, for their strong testimonies, and for their high standards. They both wanted to wear white to the temple, i was so touched. Xo xo Xo

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  1. That is really special and really neat! Way to be such a great example Emily! Katie- how do you put the mormon messages on your blog? I would like to do that but haven't figured it out yet