Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New Begining!

Emily's new band director Mr. Ames. Celebrating the final day of Band Camp!

You can see how they need to "Clean" their work as Emily says. She is really good at timming, I think playing the piano has helped her with this, Its a challenge to get 15 girls to be at the same place at the same time, especially when spinning a rifle or sabre.This is the pre show only, still in the 1st stages of thier Field Show for 2009

Here are just a "Few" kids in Band and Guard eating after they showed their parents some of their new Field Show. I must say, we do spoil our kids in Band and Guard! The parents really do a great job in feeding our kids. They love the Dessert Table! (so does Bobby!)

Its finally her turn!
One of the Band and Guard's traditions is, the SENIORS get to eat first!!!!
and all the underclass has to wait! too funny how they get so excited to be the 1st ones in line!

Emily spent the entire summer with her Guard Team,
the last 2 weeks of summer was their "Official BAND CAMP!"
I gotta tell you, its rigorous!!!10 Long hours a day for 2 weeks!
The last day is spent in Team Building fun!
Here she is with her best friend Antone with the Balloon Toss.

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