Thursday, August 20, 2009

Evan is wonderful with animals. Over the 4th of July weekend we went to my sisters house down in Carlsbad. She has her own Dog walking/pet care service. We went to one of her houses where she was taking care of this cute corgy! He just jumped into Evan's arms and gave him some love, it was so cute. He has always been very sensitive to animals which to me says a lot about a person. Ever since he was a little boy, he always worried about the animals, if they got enough to eat, or if they had shelter when it was cold or hot. I admire that so much in him.
He taught me a lot. Animals depend on us so much for their comfort and all their needs. When he was little, he wouldnt eat dinner until our dogs had food in their bowls. If they would cry at night when they slept in the laundry room, he would get up to comfort them.
Evan is so special, I call him my Lil Evan from Heaven.
He is the cream of the crop!

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